Social Media and the NHS

The NHS, constantly in the news these days. Social media, not my favourite technology a lot of the time. But our world isn’t binary, I suppose. Love and Hate aren’t the only emotions available for use. For all its problems, and for all its ills, our NHS does great things for great people every single minute of every single day of every single year.

And social media? Well, much as it pains this technophobe old grump to say it, it has a wonderful way of keeping great people connected most of the time. Get past the crap, lies and stupidity, and a brilliant technology exists. A virtual cord that binds friends together. I guess that’s what our social media platforms can be at their best.

A good friend of MN50images, Pam, got a rude awakening a few days ago. The NHS stepped in and, hey presto, back to our community she was delivered. On her return, as quick as you can say ‘…with a twitch upon the thread,’ social media allowed all those friends not in actual contact with her, to send their virtual greetings and messages to her side.

So here is to our Pam, our NHS, and our social medias.

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  1. Thank you. I cannot thank the much maligned NHS, and the much critised social media enough.
    Last wednesday I was 2 heartbeats away from death, now through the skills of paramedics , doctors and nursing staff I am back enjoying my life . The huge volume of messages received on Facebook made me feel so special and cared for , it really added to my treatment emotionally and mentally. I can now go enjoying my precious life with my precious family and friends xxx

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