Roaring into Power

pussy cat roar watermarked

Three things that matter – globally, locally and for members of the citizenry everywhere. Three things that might not get much, if anything, of a look-in during the ensuing feverish election debate:

Thing One – the so called robopocalypse and its deepening transformational effects, as the Robot Economy bites. Jobs, in the traditional sense, or work, as we know it, is changing. Machines are so much more capable than we rather, err, human, human beings are. Cheaper, more reliable and less prone to error, machines are taking the strain. Society needs to change as digitisation and The Fourth Industrial Revolution comes to town – big time. Scale is important (and heatedly debated) right now, but nobody argues that robots are on the on the rise.

Thing Two – our planet. Global warming, whether man made effect or super long cyclic phenomenon, is happening now. A mere few degrees from disaster? Like, global, non-reversible disaster style. Can any of us afford to wait another few years to know what the brightest minds in the room feel we should collectively do about it? Political niceties and necessities aside, surely nowt is more important than the relatively small rock we live on?

Thing Three – deep states. What do the elite teeny tiny percentage of one percent folk know that we don’t? Are there technologies around that can change our world for the better? Is there an organised nature to the so called breakaway society few? Some sort of disclosure on these questions might well help with our understanding of Things One and Two. We might need to stop digging up stuff from the ground and burning it, if we want to save the planet. We might need some help with that one from the brightest minds in the room. My late father-in-law used to say, in answer to such seemingly existential questions,  ‘God knows, and he ain’t splitting under a fiver.’ I’m not sure it is a faraway deity that needs consulting, rather, the rest of us voters currently lying outside the small circle of political influence.




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