Writer and journalist Graham Hancock posits that a highly advanced ancient civilisation may have predated our current human civilisation, before being wiped out as a result of a massive, cataclysmic event.

Physicist and author Tom Campbell posits that we live in a massive, super conscious virtual reality.

These two seemingly heretical theories might, at first glance, appear somewhat disperate.  However, it occurred to me earlier today that they might fit neatly, and elegantly together.

Let’s say Tom is correct, and you, me and our mates really do inhabit a super huge VR gamescape. And just for a chuckle, let’s say the player-creator of this super huge game of unimaginable proportions is an omnipotent spotty teen called Darren. What if Darren’s equally omnipotent mum nips into his room while he is locked in the bathroom (as he is want to do – for hours at a time…) to do a touch of tidying. Furthermore, let us guess that Darren’s mum gets careless in her haste to hoover whilst her son is otherwise engaged. It could happen: the carpet cleaning tool catches the plug, the plug comes out of the socket, and before you can say, ‘Crazy in the coconut,’ CATACLYSM – the laptop blows a fuse and the zillion year old VR scape is totalled.

Now, Darren is not going to be too happy. But there is hope. The unimaginably larges super game has artifact remnants that can be rescued – the odd pyramid, etc? Darren, being a teenager, like teens throughout the ages, despite his god like existence, is a bit lazy.

And there you go, Bob’s your uncle Babette, Darren creates a new VR from bits and pieces of his old VR. A few million years go by and from within the current VR, a chap named Hancock puts a few things together and posits a theory of past, lost civilisations…

That, just might be a way of uniting two seemingly daft but popular theories from our puny perspective within Darren’s super massive virtual reality recreation.

36 lens flare art

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