Diversity Rules, OK?



With May Day only a day away, and the prospect of plenty of traditional protest events to witness, I thought I would flip through the MN50images ‘popular protest’ archives.

Today’s images feature a photo street journalist colleague and a current Labour leader, back in the day, one sunny London May Day afternoon.


Life must have seemed simpler for Jeremy Corbyn, when this snap was snapped, way before the pressure of leadership and election worries. And, to be honest, looking back now, the world seemed simpler for yours truly.

What I can say with certainty, right here, right now, at this time of decision, the protests I have witnessed over the last few years in our great land have been choc full of passionate, serious, thoughtful, good humoured, interesting, clever and diverse folk. Much like it is with Comrade Corbyn, I am very glad I had the pleasure of documenting these folk expressing themselves so brilliantly.

Life might be simpler again soon for JC, or maybe not… Either way, ‘sweet moderation, heart of this nation,’ let’s hope all my diverse photo subjects end up with the leadership they so richly deserve.

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