Connected – Like it or Not

My first car was a mini. It was white, a lot of fun, and a good old tool. I remember the vehicle with some affection, but I don’t remember it because of any real love of driving or motor vehicles in general. Honestly, I am not a petrol head.

This morning, whilst driving along a rural road, I noticed a group of mini vehicles gathered neatly in a pub car park. I turned my current car around and approached the folk who quickly identified themselves as the Central Mini Owners Club. Their club can be found on Facebook. In person, they meet at Sparrow Hall, Ansty, Nr Coventry.

I couldn’t help falling a little in love, immediately, it would seem, with the mini owners passion for their vehicles. It only took a minute or two to connect. It is that easy to make a friend or share a moment. Us human beans are so much more connected by what we say to, and do with each other, than what we like and enthuse about. Our shared interests about ‘things’ can be important, but sharing our passion for ‘connection’ is truly elemental.

‘Maybe I’m a dreamer, etc…’ but really, I know I’m not the only one. Check out my new mini oriented friends on Facebook, and check out this space regularly, if you like, by pressing the follow button below.



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  1. I loved our little mini..❤….


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