The CUTE Factor

the cute factor baby gorilla watermarked

We live in modern times. Emancipated times. Rainbow society surety. LGBT rocks.

Isn’t this the cutest of cute images? The little baby gorilla sticking close as close can be by its mum at Twycross Zoo. It is a soft, gentle, dreamy scene.

Now, I’m a chap. Educated, later in life to embrace at least a scintilla of less gruff, more metro sexual sensibilities. Not so much ‘in touch with the feminine’ as ‘comfortable with a certain level of softhearted masculinity.’

So why do I find there is still a tad of hesitancy inside, about offering up cuddly images as art? Background, old outdated macho caricature, patterning… and the rest. Too much introspection can do a body no good. Then again, a little personal enquiry, can’t do too much harm, perhaps. Everything in moderation, I suppose, and all that jazz.

Now, where are my pictures of muscle cars and page three beauties…

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  1. You just have no idea what a gentle gentleman you are…xx


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