On Joining Dots

mosaic glass red

Few, if any of us, know too many things much of the time. We do like to think, however, we know enough to join a few dots. Probably, we get stuff muddled, more times than we get stuff correct. In an age when we are saturated with news ( false and half truthed), in addition to informational access enough to befuddle even the most cogent, is it any surprise our dot to dot pictures frequently turn out to be a bit naff, entertainingly fantastic or just down right scary?

Take any few, seemingly random, world events and make your own dot to dot image. Here is a starter for ten:

March 2017, Wikileaks tells us the CIA has created (and used) the world’s most fearsome suite of cyber warfare hacking tools. Then lost control of said cyber weapons to all and sundry – oops!

May 2017, USA boss, The Donald, fires FBI boss James Comey.

A short few moments later, Democrats speak darkly of Russian control of The White House.

In response, Trump speaks darkly about conversations with Comey being taped – possibly…

A day later, NHS thrown into chaos when international cyber hack hits home.

Some hours later, BBC briefs that a nation state may well be behind the hack.

Throughout it all, Theresa May repeats the phrases, ad finitum, ‘Strong and Stable. Coalition of chaos.’

Join the dots if you like. Answers on a postcard as to what picture emerges at the end of the exercise. I am buggered if I REALLY know what the real joined up picture looks like.








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