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‘I tried it once, but could not stop my mind whirring…’ folk say when asked if they have tried meditation. ‘I just can’t do it; it’s not for me.’

The truth is, no one starts walking at the very first attempt. Riding a bike, taking a selfie, making a fire, preparing an evocatively awesome presentation, satisfying the most demanding of lovers, creating a wickedly imaginative tattoo design… writing a readable blog post – right first time is the exception not the rule. For the most part, it seems we take to few things in life, like a cygnet to water, at our first attempt.

Learning to meditate, is a natural process. But like other processes,  the meditation thing needs refining, personalising, and developing. Time is key. Patience is paramount. And care is required.

The how, I guess, is subtlety different for each member of the human family. It sounds a bit daft perhaps, and maybe a tad counter intuitive, but I would define meditation as


Working out what the above phrase means, probably only happens by way of experiential knowledge. The text book explains it, but the individual feels it.

For one to one guidance in and around the  local area of Nuneaton, find Jo Lavelle on Facebook.

For an online experience of high quality from anywhere on the planet, check out

For more pics, words and and general boswolloxing, share with friends, follow at will, and, well, you know, do whatever needs doing.

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  1. Thanks Mark, 07817730836 for meditation enquiries please mention marks blog and receive a half price taster session of meditation.


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