Lazy Saturday Afternoon


So, it’s sluicing down with rain. I’m on my second cup of tea, in the cafe, at a zoo. I flinch at the prospect of miles of wet walking to my vehicle. Even the snow leopard claiming lots of attention through a glass wall is looking bedraggled and miserable.

Time, perhaps, to practice being still, and at peace with the world.

Deep breath in through the nose.

Long exhale through the mouth.

Let the harsh and braying voices in my head slink off to other pastures.

Breath in… breath out…

Focus eyes beyond the visible horizon. Let vision soften.

Breath in… breath out…

And relax…

Hear the sounds, let them mesh to a blurry global hum…

Thoughts come. Thoughts go.

Breath. In. Out.

Still, now.

In, slowly. Out, slower still.

Thoughts come. Thoughts go.


At ease.

In. Hold. Out.

Shoulders drop. Face muscles relax.

Breath in…

Breath out…


At peace…






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