Peace Rose Flourish

peace rose

We’ve got problems. Big problems. Let’s not beat about the bush on that score. The seemingly intractable and horrific matter of terrorism comes closer and closer to all our homes with each passing month.

Yesterday, a colleague explained how a neighbour was arrested in my home town of Nuneaton. The event wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t an easy or normal thing to view. And it wasn’t something that would quickly pass from the mind of all who witnessed it.

Earlier in the week, the slaughter of innocent children became a reality in the City of my birth, Manchester.

Answers, we can be sure, will not come quickly. Will not come without much heart searching. And will not come without input from all. Nuneaton made a start this evening in showing our leaders the way of compassion, cohesion and connective calm in the face of true horror.

At a time when emotions are as raw as raw can be, Nuneaton folk turned out at Riversley Park to show all vile terror fanatics the way of peace, love and understanding. Whilst those most able to craft answers, find solutions and destroy the terror networks at source, do their thing, the rest of us can do what we can do – stick together – care for each other – and stay strong as strong can be.

The purveyors of evil can bend us, but they cannot break us. Not in Nuneaton, not in Manchester, and not in any place where cohesive communities exist.


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