animal therapy

lemur sticking tongue out watermarked

Sometimes, when life feels just too complicated to contemplate too many minutes longer, a diversion seems like a good idea. Saturday saw me lose myself in the cheeky, playful world of Twycross Zoo’s  ring-tailed lemur troop.

This group of delightful primate chaps seemed as happy as Larry, just nipping about their territory having fun. Occasionally, they were chased about by a bigger female red-ruffed lemur. But, no problem, all seemed well after a bit of fuss and a grumpy half-hearted chase. For the most part though, they sat, seemingly precariously in their favourite trees snacking on cone shaped fruit.

Cared for carefully by doting keepers, this community of endangered creatures just stole my attention away perfectly. The more I observe nature, the more I think I have to learn about life, community and and contentedness.

A huge shout out to the lemurs, Twycross Zoo and nature lovers everywhere.

Stay safe, and keep wondering,

Much Love


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  1. Cheeky you think he could have been Larry the lemur? xx


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