Another horrific attack in London late last night. As normal, ordinary citizens, who find it hard to even imagine a mind set that would enable planning and action in the way it unfolded yesterday evening, our job I believe, is to carry on supporting each other.

Victims, their families, their friends, and all who are caught up in these attacks continue to need the love, support and compassion of those of us lucky enough to be absent when terror descends. I have no doubt that help will be given; that is what we do. It simply is what decent, caring, human beings do.

Politicians across the board need to plan responses and set the framework for change. The security forces of all levels need to be given support and resources to prosecute effective campaigns in detection, capture and prevention of further attacks.

But, for us, ordinary folk, it seems our most important job is to love each other in the best way we can.

Kind Thoughts and Condolences to all good people consuming this blog

Mark and Maggie

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