singin’ our song

henna kaleidart

We live in the oddest, most extraordinary, mixed up of times. As cruel as they are kind. As crazy as they are fruitful. As bonkers as they are exciting. Extraordinary times indeed.

There is a fascistic element to the current world order. At the very same time, so many elements of our society have been democratised. In no short order, flatter social structures have arrived as a result of digitisation, and the somewhat shackle breaking nature of the world wide web.

We can all, or at least most of us in our special part of the world, make art. Take my friend Karen for instance rocking the world with her gorgeous henna body art. Then there is me, pottering about with my camera, taking the art of Karen and making something new again out the very same creation.

And of course, there is a middle aged chap crossing the divide between old politics and modern popular appeal. A deliciously weird and unexpected thing happened today. Jeremy Corbyn rocked at least two worlds when he put in a stonking good performance on the iconic Glastonbury Festival Pyramid stage. A definitively positive crowd in the tens of the thousands, babes in arms to aged folk included, gave Corbyn a rousing and emotional reception.

The notion that any politician might engender more than a light sprinkling of applause from a mid afternoon Saturday audience at such an event as Glastonbury, would, in normal times, seem a bit daft. But the press dubbed Comrade Corbyn? Only a few short weeks ago, what happened today at the nation’s premier popular music festival would have seemed completely implausible. What frolicking good fun today’s performance proved to be, as a supposedly dinosaur politician wowed the crowds with a rendition of Perch Bysshe Shelley’s 200 year old poem:

Rise, like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number!

Shake your chains to earth like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you:

Ye are many – they are few

But times are a-changin’ faster than ever now. Our new world just keeps throwing up surprises. So much so it is hard to keep up with what makes sense and what proves one has a kangaroo loose in one’s paddock.

I guess all we can do, is keep singin’ our own song and making our own art. Please like and follow below if my kind of art makes you smile.

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