mandala universe

salt lamp kaleidart

You can’t argue with an algorithm. These digital beasts rule our lives, whether we know it or not. Forget Intel inside and start thinking algorithm inside. From selecting citizens worthy of fast track health care, to choosing when your parcel will arrive at your front door, algorithms lie hidden, deep in the fabric of all modern human transactions.

It often feels like the digital revolution is curtailing our freedom without a by your leave or a care for any individuals preference. But there is another side. A better side to consider. The digital revolution allows practically everyone to do ‘art.’ From fantastic tools at our fingertips to inspirational ideas on our communication devices, we are blessed in ways our parents could not imagine in a million years.

I like my photo art. Creating keeps me sane. Kaleidarts, like the salt lamp picture above, allow me to disappear through a virtual dimensional portal. Gone in the blink of an eye into as many thought worlds as I care to imagine. Yes, happy, arty days indeed.

For more kaleidart fun, please visit us at

Happy thought forming folks


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