rich in cubits

moon weave watermarked

My name is Mark, and I am a depressive. There, I’ve said it. Declared it. Announced it. Testified to it. I couldn’t be clearer.

I believe that we create our own realities. There are times, for even the most perfect folk, that such a world view is challenged. Because, here it is: if we really do craft our own personal universe, on any kind of level, boy can we fuck it up at times.

The answer to the conundrum that our beliefs drive us to is practically simpler than we are generally led to believe, I think. We’ve just gotta to hang in there. Really, what else can we do sometimes? One day at a time. One hour at a time. Even, one breath at a time if that is what is needed.

After all, if we are in the reality creating game (as surely we all are one way or the other), then there are trillions upon trillions of breaths that signify a new start. A fresh beginning. A new personal path to the stars.

Sort of getting it right, or better, one breath at a time sort of seems simpler than writing a new novel every time the world we create starts to bring us down.

Blame, is where most of us tend to go first. The NHS for taking weeks and months to see us. The government for spending billions on new weapons of mass destruction rather than cladding tower blocks with something other than death tiles. Neighbouring human beings for creating similar crap realities to the ones we have created. Realities that necessarily impinge on our own.

As a solution to all the above madness, may I offer to the honourable ladies and gentlemen a time tested technology? Lean in to love. That’s all. That is it really. Love is the key. Friends and family are key in this endeavour. Hiding from the world has its place, when appropriate or required. But ultimately, connection, community and connectedness might be a way to kill the black dog. Or, at least, keep the beast controlled, civil and contained.

Do what you gotta do, I guess, one cubit at a time. Be rich in cubits. Hedge your bets. Take lots of takes. My ‘thing?’ What takes my mind off the job I’m doing – photography. It kinda keeps me sane. And keeps the black dog quiet for a while.

If you want to see a few of my pictures, please visit at:

And remember to keep creating, whatever current crap version you may be inspired to conjure up.

Much Love



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