not potty at all

plantpotty edit

Modern hero #1 = Tony Walsh aka Longfella

Here’s a fella, who speaks my language. Regional, yes. That, I recognise. Relevant, yes. That, I love to little bits. Outspoken, yes. That, is a must with little ol’ me.

This fella, Longfella, talks like me. And says ‘up yours,’ by way of clever collaborations of words and concisely collected sentences of awesome intent.

Tony Longfella Walsh makes me chuckle. And think. And grimace. He drives me to create, in my own little right. He makes media I consume with delight. He makes me more human, simply by dint of his very own beautiful, humane spirit.

I reckon, my modern hero #1, Longfella, would see the humour in the picture I call Plantpotty. Check him out, because he’s not potty at all, and, of course, because you might like his ‘stuff.’

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