charming snake

boa constrictor watermarkedme and snake

Now, I am not a snake charmer. But, today, I was charmed by a snake. This lovely lady simply wrapped herself around my heart. Who knew, holding a boa constrictor would turn out to be such an incredible experience? I loved holding her, and she seemed happy enough to be handled by not so little ol’ me.

It is not very gallant of me, but the female snake in question has a name that I now forget. She came to an event I attended care of Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary. This splendid organisation does such good work rescuing and tending to sick animals, that it seems cruel they are so often starved of cash.

Earth Spirit Crystals of Nuneaton hosted a brilliant charity day today, in aid of N&WWS. Anyone wishing to help out a great charity doing great work could do better than donate bedding, time or cash to Geoff and his staff.

Great art(?) from a great organisation, the kaliedart piece above is titled Boa Constrictor – well there is a surprise…


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