modern life…

So, I haven’t posted for a while using my website. Today was to be the day that I got back on the web posting bicycle. Given, to survive safely online these days, one needs more passwords than one needs hot dinners; I decided to consult my secret password notebook.

It was at this point that I vaguely recalled handling my little book the other day, only to be distracted. I put the the little lifesaver down. And yes, now it seems my somewhat addled mind can only recall putting the book down, and not, infuriatingly, where said notebook was specifically placed.

So, no problem, I decided. I will just reset my password. Oh yes, if only the task at hand were simple as it would seem to be.

Online, I was asked to name my preferred method of password help. Text, was the way I went. But the text did not come through. Email, next. Then phone call. Eventually, after many moments of shouts, screams and tantrums, ‘computer’ intimated I was some kind of suspicious character for simply wanting to access my own website, on my own computer. My punishment for such heinous crimes, appears to consist of being placed  in some kind of thirty day social media abyss.

Maybe it is my age. Maybe my intellect is simply too small to cope with these damn computator thingies. Maybe I am being singled out by the laptop gods for particular punishment. Whatever the reason, I think, perhaps, I was born about fifty years too late.

Eventually, you have guessed by dint of actually reading this blog post, I found a way past the ‘lost password book’ fascist gatekeepers. Now all I have to do is file my brand spanking new password in a place where easy retrieval will be possible when my lost secret password notebook reappears…

By the way, the irony of a forced quiz relating to ‘how well my problems were solved’ seems too much to really be an accident. Yes, I am certain some nerdy tech boss is royally taking the mickey, with every new frustrating lark along the way.

Anyway, enough of modern woes, please enjoy the mn50images sacred geometry inspired photo art attached to this post.

Much love, Mark.sacred geometry thing

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