through the chimp house doorway

I’ve touched on this blog subject previously. Watching the incredible series two of Westworld,  my little grey cells are super activated to consider all things ‘awakening’ once again.

Consider a zoo chimp called Eric. Or, Erica, of course. Or any other name that tickles your fancy. I am going to stick with Eric for now. So, Eric is happy enough in his enclosure. He gets fed regularly without having to bugger about catching his dinner. Girlie chimps are available should Eric’s ardour be aroused. And, there is always a good amount of fresh straw to hand.

In fact, all Eric’s needs, requirements and wishes appear to be catered for.

Of course the chimp most cared for is seemingly oblivious to the big wide world just outside his prison come paradise. There are hints Eric might just wonder on, available on the periphery of his vision: biped, non hairless apes ghosting past his enclosure on a daily basis, just for starters.

What Eric the chimp can not know, we would guess, is the fact of a breeding program connected with zoo animals of all types and natures. The space our chimp friend is given to inhabit is completely outside of Eric’s control. Diet, environmental conditions, wanderlust tenancies – just about all aspects of our chimp’s daily life are controlled by humans in a fashion and totality that must surely be completely alien to Eric, Erica and all other captive creatures worldwide.

Now, human beings are top of the tree. We decide, one way or another, how we conduct most aspects of our lives, don’t we? If there was some being or group of beings beyond the grasp of our imaginations pulling the strings, would that be so completely daft an idea? Maybe, maybe not…

Just as Eric the chimp might be choc full of cognitive dissonance in reference to his complete lie of a life, might us high and mighty human beans be equally as ignorant of a higher controlling intelligence?

And there’s the rub. When the Westworld chimps are woken, they turn to violence as quick as you can say, ‘We’re gonna need a larger level of reconciliation.’

Just a thought; just sayin…

As usual, folks, follow, like, share, or comment as you see fit.

Keep thinking, Mark


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