owl snake badger

There is a place in Nuneaton, goes by the name of Earth Spirit Crystals. Yesterday, ESC held an event. In attendance at the ESC event were a spirit of clever healing therapy practitioners, a happiness of customers, and of course, yours truly, mn50images.


Also attending the event were a very young orphan badger, a handsome corn snake, and an owl. The three aforementioned stunning creatures were brought along by Geoff. Ably assisted by a bijou group of dedicated volunteers, Geoff does incredibly valuable work.


On multiple levels, yesterday’s event at ESC proved a great success. Some days, things just seem to turn out well for everyone involved. Yesterday was one such day. I think there is a secret ingredient to successful events, days and plans. Inspired action. That is the key, me thinks. Inspired action, love, togetherness and belief might just be the secret recipe for many a challenge.

Maggie and I would like to thank Geoff and his volunteers for all their inspired actions. We would also like to thank Kate and all her staff for all their inspired actions.

Much love

Mark and Maggie.

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owl eye circle


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