smiles broadened

Following a long morning and early afternoon of work, I rested my slightly aching limbs outside a lovely Lichfield tea shop called The Olde Nook.

Whilst sipping a well brewed cuppa, the establishments proprietor and cook popped his head out of the delightful 16th century building to comment on the chilled out way the day was turning out.

Richard Overton runs a friendly establishment. In the mid afternoon sunshine, we chatted  about many things. We conversed about the stunning location of The Olde Nook, which nestles neatly just a few yards from Lichfield’s magnificent cathedral. We talked about customers and custom; about family and friends; before moving into the deeper waters of life’s challenges and life’s gifts.

As Richard and I swapped anecdotes, shared stories and easily communicated, I viewed my hosts smile noticeably broaden. Equally  pleasing, I felt my own smile develop. In the heat of busy lives, I considered the rare opportunity we give ourselves to kick back and relax.

“So many of us,” I noted, “literally, increasingly, ‘shrink our perimeters’ as modern life gives us more grief than we care to handle.”

Richard returned to his kitchen, in readiness to serve more customers.

As I finished my beverage and felt the heat of  the sun on my neck, I viewed an age old spire peak above some wonky olde worldly walls. What a quintessentially English experience I am having, I wondered to myself. Quickly, I reconstructed my thought. More important than a quintessentially English experience, I concluded, I had had a quintessentially human experience.


You know the drill by now, please comment, like, disregard, share, follow or laugh – as you see fit…

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