fargo (or thereabouts…)

There’s a street in Coventry called Far Gosford Street. And there’s a place on Far Gosford Street called Fargo Village.


These days, Fargo is an upgraded, cool place with a super arty, bohemian vibe. You know, artisan chocolates, artisan craft beers, artisan barbers.. There’s retro products, quaint shop stuff and vegan eating. The current Mrs mn50images and I absolutely adore Fargo Village and all the multi cultural spaces therein. If you like the idea of a creative boutiquery housing something, seemingly, as random as a Phil Silvers museum, you too will like this Coventry retail complex.

Far Gosford Street goes back a very long way indeed. Online sources talk of  tracing buildings in this geography back to medieval times. At differing intervals, Fargo’s work spaces have housed many a shop, many a cultural activity and many a bog standard industrial, urban grot hole.

Some years ago, my son had a band. A garage band (in the sense of punk style, not garage music genre style – which came later). I recall one of Far Gosford Street’s then disused, greyscale brick units hosting rehearsal spaces, of which my son and his band would fraternise. Of course, back in the day, dad’s taxi would be used to transport said band members to and from Far Gosford Street when the screamo itch needed scratching. Young master mn50images doubts the rehearsal space in question was located in the exact building where a trendy bar venue now stands. Maybe he is right, maybe his old man’s memory is not too bad, maybe the rehearsal space existed in some near street brick and iron room. Either way, there was nothing cool or particularly hip about the bare industrial spaces in this area at the epoch of my lad’s teenage music period. That was how it was (recession hard emptiness), and that was about right for such building use, post peak industrial occupancy.

Recently, Far Gosford Street has turned a corner and found a new way forward. My son, my good lady and myself have also been re-purposed of course – that is how these things work me thinks.

I like the continuity of a city. Coventry practices ‘continuity of spaces,’ as do many like-minded urban geographies. That, ‘same real estate/different flavour’ sort of thing.

So, Fargo Village on Far Gosford Street, Coventry, give it a go in its current guise – you might find you like it.

If this blog post tickles your creative wiggle bone, you know the score, follow, share, roll about in quakes of laughter, as you see fit…

fargo light edit


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