My favourite colour in nature’s palette is the deep, elemental orange that overcomes the senses at the dying of the day. Sunsets, different every single time, yet perfect from one sunset to the next.

The old Buddhist sages say all pain is the result of attachment: see one perfect sunset – crave the exact same sunset over and over again. But the universe is always in flux. All is impermanence, therefore, holding firm for that exact same experience, pleasure, or indeed, sunset, is a craving that can only ever end in suffering.

Of course, I may have got completely the wrong end of the deep orange tinted stick. Either way, here is a ‘perfect sunset’ from last weekend. A view from Mayflower Park, Southampton. Maggie and I could have been completely alone, but we were surrounded by plenty of folks in various stages of inebriation – festival fever down by the docks…

cranes watermarkeddramatic sky watermarkedmayflower park sunset container ship and tug watermarkedmayflower park sunset cranes and boats watermarkedmayflower park sunset docks watermarkedslanted sunset watermarkedI am certain the next evening’s sunset would have been different again, if only subtlety. I am equally certain the next evening’s sunset would have been perfect again.

To encourage the right behavior, (penning of more, different, yet near perfect blogs – lol), feel free to point your fingers at the share, like, follow, comment, bugger off and don’t bother me again button thingys, as you see fit…

Peace, Mark and Maggie

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  1. It was indeed beautiful, peaceful and blissful…whilst the music and enjoyment of “Fake Festival” carried on right behind us practically unheard in the magical aura of tbe sunset. Peace and love…xx


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