serving stockingford


Public service is a much maligned idea these days. Yesterday, at our school fayre, service, community spirit, and dedication were, unapologetically, the order of the afternoon.

Staff have worked hard over previous weeks. Teaching assistants, auxiliary staff, teachers and management have all put in more than a few shifts to produce what turned out to be an excellent fund raising event for a school right at the heart of it’s community. No one demonstrated the aforementioned work ethic greater than Becky Gudger:


Finding the extraordinary in the everyday ordinary is a staple aspiration of street photographers and artists everywhere. Yesterday’s events at Stockingford Primary School turned out to be extraordinary, not in the sense that anything bizarrely different took place, but most definitely in the sense of a successful event, put on by a group of duty bound staff, assisted by a generous local community, and enjoyed by a great number of supportive local folk – in stark contrast to political and media chatter about falling standards, community break down and societal division.

There are extraordinary efforts made by public servants up and down the land on a daily basis, far away from national or even local headlines – simple acts of faith that hard work, knowledge and togetherness will win the day. Challenges away from the workplace often do not hinder the good work of staff and professionals everywhere:


When local communities come together, much can be achieved, and our school fayre of yesterday confirmed this belief, with dignitaries and services joining us, paving the way towards a great fundraising total:

Stronger together than apart, there is always room for shows of individual artistry. The previous comment is aptly demonstrated below by staff member Mandy showing a mastery of equine elegance none of her colleagues knew she possessed:


‘Teamwork’ is a thing misunderstood and over complicated by policy wonks, trainers and leaders across the piece, in my limited experience. Yesterday’s event, however, just knocked the ball out of the proverbial park in the ‘teamwork’ department. Staff offering their time, their energy, and their resourcefulness, in addition to their experience, and not to mention of course, their cold hard cash, made Stockingford Primary School’s fayre a resounding triumph. None of us felt like we were flogging a dead horse, at the end of the day. Rather, tired as the horse undoubtedly was, it was ready to go another circuit, and we felt more together than we could possibly be!

So, here is the thing, if you want to see more of me sporting fetching tiaras, or more stuffed horses looking like they had run a grand national for real, just like, comment, share, or follow

Much love

Mark and Maggie


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