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4th july space force eagle watermarked

On this 4th of July, it is perhaps appropriate to introduce something a tad American into the blogosphere. And what is more entertaining than Donald Trump’s Space Force ramblings?

Received wisdom, straight from the pages of Newtonian physics, materialist 101, is a rather limiting script about human beans being the only sentient folk in the known universe. Of course, those not addicted to limited hang outs, academic tenure, or global protectionist political persuasion, know full well that there really is something ‘they’ are not telling us.’

Millions upon millions upon millions of otherwise normal individuals are experiencers. I have never knowingly conversed with spirit, or remember any kind of alien abduction, or have been troubled by any sort of psychic personal upheaval. For that matter, I have never seen a ghost, felt energetic impulses flowing from my fingers, witnessed an alien craft, or been in the presence of any kind of inter dimensional disturbance. Those, however, who have felt, sensed, worked with or been in the moment with ‘beyond belief’ experiences have my respect and good will. They tell me it is not an easy life being ‘sensitive.’

It strikes me that there is something very wrong with this world, if all we have is a few short years in the sun, followed by ‘nowt’ for eternity. If all the modern religion of science has to offer is an explanation of of things as understood 150 years ago, then what the proverbial is going on at CERN, for instance. Many billions of spondoola spent on finding a god particle, and when they found it, not even a new non stick frying pan for the masses – one might smell a very smelly rat. Here is an organisation that many say cannot be sued, due to it’s set up and protection, has global resources to die for, and is as mysterious as Trump’s hair to most human beings.

No, I think there is much more to CERN, globalist leader knowledge and top table intentions than most of the world might ever know.

So, to Trump and his space force. Many sober, down to earth historians, political thinkers, and zeitgeist creators suggest there already is a space force in one form or another. Certainly, some of the space stuff launched from China, India, and Russia, not to mention the virtual nation state run by Elon Musk, for Google, for American security organisations and others is far ahead of what ‘normal’ folk feel is ‘current state.’

It is, perhaps, a moot point, what hardware is flying around our globe and others. It is also moot, perhaps, if America First sentiments are in any way dangerous, should we ever encounter little greenish creatures from the planet Zorg. If they are out there or already here, their technology must surely be a match for Trump’s nonsense ideas about dominating space, ‘We have all the weapons, and all the words…’

For all we know, somewhere, on one of the gazillion habitable ‘Goldilocks’ planet systems out there that space agencies are now telling us they believe in, exist a bunch of Smash like creatures, tuning into our  cosmic hillbilly planet, peeing themselves laughing at Trump’s mad hair antics, just as we do, here on our little lonely home world.

America’s Trumpian patriot based second revolution is no small matter for all our world citizens. Globalist ideals are being challenged more so than any other time in the last seventy years. Whatever we, as humans, feel about the aggressively forceful nature of the anti globalist fightback, any ‘beings’ that might exist beyond our planet/timeline/dimension would surely only observe us as some kind of ‘lost world tribe’ pottering about on a little blue sphere, fighting like kids and squabbling like reality show princesses. I doubt, should they exist, they are concerned about America extending it’s borders into space.

Now back to the ‘experiencers.’ Elite circles, governments, and secret societies alike have their own fair share of folk with abilities, stories and weird shit stuff to share. Those people must know that the triumphalist nature of space expansion is not a clarion call to face down any would be cosmic invaders. The clever ones must surely know that we, the normal folk of earth are the targets for ‘space force follies.’ Many researchers say the black budget spending of world superpowers runs into the trillions of wonga. Some folk might think, give us our cash back, or give us that ultimate non stick kitchen cooking utensil (or flying car…). But they might be wrong. Maybe it is not the money gone AWOL that is the most egregious element to consider. If the supposed aliens are a mix of good and bad. How does Trump and his space force cadets know which is which?

Well, ‘hang them all and let God decide,’ seems to be the idea most favoured. My own view? If we are all God’s children,  she might not want to pick which one’s are worth hanging and which one’s are not? Perhaps God, in all it’s infinite wisdom, might actually have a favourite kiddie – and, god forbid (sorry) that child might not be us?

Another moot point perhaps – the ultimate deity choosing which extra terrestrial, or on-world child to favour? Perhaps the most prescient point is this – if we let Space Cadet Trump hang all the aliens, just in case… then what is stopping him killing all the Mexicans, just in case… Then on to us, me you and the dog named Boo?

Hmm, all a bit of a quandary. Tell you what, if you have any answers, because I have about none at this point, send them to me on a postcard – or comment, like, share, follow as you see fit.

Love, laughs and little greenish space pranksters,






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  1. I think the point of space force is the point of everything else trump does. Distraction form the poverty and distraction of health care…it’s classic ‘quick look over there’ tactics

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