spiritual connective tissue

We know some kind souls who have liked our images so much that they have purchased them, fashioned into various products and offerings. When we meet customers again, at a later date, and they tell us their art is still hanging, or sitting, or being otherwise displayed in prominent places in their homes, we are simply thrilled.

That buzz of excitement has not diminished in the short time we have been doing this ‘art’ thing. And my best guess is, the thrill will not get stale any time soon.

I am calling this phenomena ‘spiritual connective tissue.’ Spiritual, because images are about emotion. Connective, because we make everything with love, and therefore, there is a bit of ‘us’ persisting through time for as long as a person’s purchase remains in plain sight. ‘From me to you’ style (RIP Barry Chuckle), buying a product that remains loved, cared for, or used is surely a connection of cool proportions. And tissue, because we are all individuated parts of a single human body – me suspects.

So there it is, spiritual connective tissue, explained in purple prose, as is my way. In other language, we get juiced when someone pays out cold hard cash for our art, and keeps getting pleasure out of it for months and years forward.

That’s all there is for now folks; if you do find an image you like enough to purchase, you know where and how to find us…

Much Love

Mark and Maggie




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