blue but not down

female chilean blue buzzard-eagle watermarked

Conspicuously absent from duty politicians in a time of national crisis, lame-stream news fear porn tales of debauchery and despair by the sick-bucket load, and weather chaos of previously unknown proportions, to name but a few miseries of our unique times. It is enough to make a humble photographer disappear into a melancholic abyss to rival the worst experienced.

But, a few simple connective thinking tricks can save the day.

Here we have a female Chilean Blue Buzzard-eagle snapped by yours truly at a falconry display.

This female beauty has feathers that remind Mrs mn50images and I of Sonic the Hedgehog. Our awesome, grown up son, in his childhood, used to love Sonic, Knuckles, Dr Robotnik etc. Of course, our son then takes our attention to our equally awesome daughter. In turn, thoughts of our kids takes us to thoughts of other family members. Those family members make us smile with stories, tales and adventures from their own lives.

It is not long before tender memories are realised relating to love ones departed. Those loved ones illicit fond memories of their own. My odd mind quickly pinpoints a wonderful quote, sometime attributed to the 13th century mystic and poet Rumi: ‘when I die I shall fly with the angels, and when I die to the angels, you cannot believe what I shall become.’

Presently, my mind is in flight, flying with the words of writer Richard Bach. And on, and on…

Simple connective thinking gets us a gazillion mile away from the crappy negative thoughts of the here and now, quicker than you can say, “His sorrow was not solitude, it was that other gulls refused to believe the glory of flight that awaited them; they refused to open their eyes and see.” (Richard Bach, 2006, 25)

It works for me, sometimes – I recommend the ‘connective thinking’ technique to the house.

And so, folks, same as always, follow, share, pee yourselves laughing at my silly text, comment – as you see fit…

Much Love

Mr and Mrs mn50images

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