brexit fractured britain

brexit fractured britain

So, just a thought. To some, if not many, the referendum that started this whole fuck-fest fractured brexit Britain period was referenced, framed, and predicated on a false premise. That premise being, a binary option comprising a corrupt, dense, globalist block control Euro option versus a nation state option, comprising a flawed but seriously dedicated Brit first group of leaders wishing to disengage from the increasingly authoritarian and remote Eurocrat super state – doing it for the good of us happy band of citizens, and not in any way in their own selfish interests.

Now, the resulting decision, and disengagement might be a total catastrophe, or a total WIN dependent on a person’s view.

But, what if the world changes sooner than we previously thought possible? What if the global political, social and commercial state of things changes, around and independent of British-Euro fall out?

What, if the Euro experiment falls apart, sufficient to make our leaving strategy somewhat redundant, before the final deal-no deal is signed, sealed and delivered?

Or, just a thought, what if Trump wins his internal internecine war, and the global jigsaw is fractured a shit-shite moment after we complete our self Euro excommunication?

And, just for fun, what if China or Russia shake things up by releasing some as yet unimagined truth or secret which changes the sense of our simple binary option brexit, before we can say, ‘well, that was a waste of time wasn’t it….’

Just a thought, Mark.

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