The Falconry Centre (Hagley)

african fish eagle

Let’s start with an African Fish Eagle in flight.

No messing about with this post. Nice and simple, we present a collection of pictures from The Falconry Centre’s open day of last Sunday. The Falconry Centre in Hagley is well worth a visit for anyone loving conserved nature.

African Spotted Eagle Owl

african spotted eagle owl

American Bald Eagle, in flight and posterised

american bald eagle in flight

american bald eagle posterised

female Bateleur Eagle taking off

bateleur take off

bird and glove, bird’s eye view, care

Chilean Blue Buzzard Eagle, eagle and duck

eagle released and in flight

eagle in flight released

eagle in flight

falcon on glove

falcon on glove

female bateleur eagle, fly eagle fly

in flight

in flight

Northern Hawk Owl

northern hawk owl

open beaked

open beaked

Oscar the Barn Owl

oscar the barn owl

owl best in show

owl best in show

owl wide open

wings wide open (2)

Peregrine Falcon

real beak full, Saker Falcon

Spectacled Owl in flight

spectacled owl in flight

more Spectacled Owl photos

Tawny Eagle

tawny eagle

Turkey Vulture rear view

turkey vulture rear view

vulture and owl, wing feathers, wings wide open

And possibly the best of the photo shoot, Turkmenian Eagle Owl in magnificent action…

turkmenian eagle owl

We’ve put a few hours into this collection. Maggie and I hope you enjoy looking at our work, as much as we enjoyed curating the photos. This maybe the most coherent set of images we have put together so far; never stop learning, and all that jazz.

Most definitely, for this blog post in particular, we would be totally juiced if you share, like, comment, follow or make funny, stifled laughter noises behind your hands – as you see fit…

Cheers for now

Maggie, Mark, plus the wonderful staff and birds of Hagley Falconry Centre


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  1. These are amazing M&M! It is so wonderful watching your skillset and your confidence grow. Super proud!

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  2. Awesome day. Awesome birds. Awesome staff raised an awesome amount to do essential refurbishing work. Xx

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  3. Thank you Mark & Maggie for all of these wonderful photos – your love of the subject and your hard work has come up with a fabulous set of images! On behalf of all the birds and the staff here at The Falconry Centre, thank you for your support and for this lovely blog post!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. beautiful images! Thanks for the follow on I Write Her! 🙂

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  5. wow mark, amazing photos of amazing birds x

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