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A week ago I enjoyed a wonderful day at The Falconry Centre, Hagley. When you carry a camera looking for folks and things to document, you meet some unique situations and interesting people.

Happily, last weekend proved no different than usual.

My wife and I met an individual called Domanique, a noisy American Bald Eagle, and a chap called Martin.


The lady pictured here, complete with awesome frizzy hair and winners sash, piqued my interest. Domanique was generous enough to pose with a rather scary looking vulture. It wasn’t until I returned home that I realised my instincts were correct. Interesting indeed,

this young lady, as her web page advertises concisely, sings professionally. In addition to vocal abilities, Domanique is a pageant girl, a blogger/Youtuber, and an animal conservation advocate. Domanique the polymath – how cool it is meeting interesting people, along the way.

Martin, had an animal experience. He flew a Harris Hawk, and I was lucky enough to capture the joy of the moment quite neatly.

martin flying a harris hawk

I so recognise the emotions shown on Martin’s face. A few minutes earlier, I had experienced a similar ‘moment,’ coming up close and awed by an eight pound American Bald Eagle. Mind blowing. That few, seconds, really, in close contact with nature at it’s most powerful, magnificent and elemental. Well, it was special, really special.

The birds make a lot of noise. That is, the falconers told us, because they shout and screech at their parents to make sure they get as much food as possible. Once fledged, living independently of said parents, the ‘noisy stuff’ abates. Of course, the keepers keep feeding the birds, the birds rely on the keepers, and therefore the noise keeps coming. The birds have, in affect, parents for life.

So there it is, a few of the people and animals we met, along the way, last weekend.

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Cheers for now


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  1. It was a very special day for us, the many people who attended the fun day and for the falcolnry centre who raised loads of money for much needed refurbishment and buildings for their ever hungry feathered offspring.

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