all at sea

all at sea watermarked

Sometimes one feels all at sea.

I like to take photos. I like to do lots of things. I like to chill out after a long day job day. It helps, sometimes, to review the important progress made in any particular working day.

Some days, the day job involves working through items in a non-descript hotel meeting room. Today, was one such day:

item one – perception management

item two – expectation management

item three – statistical management

item four – organic improvement, and how best to affect said organic improvement…(sic)

item five – future proofing improvement techniques

item six – the optimum agenda items in a day session (discussion)

item seven – who created today’s agenda?

item eight – is there life on Mars?

item nine – are we there yet dad?

item ten – it all started so well, how did it all go so wrong, why do I feel all at sea…

Thank you for attending.

If you want to hear more of my scintillating, definitely not mundane day job adventures, just press the ‘follow button.’ And, of course, do anything else you feel obliged to do, as you see fit…


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