along the way – reprised

‘It was morning, and the new sun sparkled gold across the ripples of a gentle sea.’ Jonathan Livingstone Seagull (Richard Bach)

sunset watermarked

During the completion of my day job duties, I met an inspirational chap called Paul. This man is a walking, talking, surviving, odds beating brain tumour patient. Paul explained how he, now, takes one day at a time. He lives in the moment, as much, and as best he can.

In the good company of millions of fellow humans, my soul partner and I have learned the same technology. One day at a time, and every second counts.

The most recent opportunity to luxuriate in the marvelous now came to my partner and I during a trip to North Wales. Below, I list a few of the things we now love about the Northern part of Wales. We found we adore:

Holding hands as the daily sun slides below the horizon (between snapping the ever changing hues with my trusty camera – of course…)

The seemingly bonkers but beautiful language (all double ff’s, y’s, and potentially missing vowels…)

Soft rain falling on mythical topology

Castles, lambs and seascapes. Impossibly narrow carriageways. Dragons, warm welcomes and solitude.

An understated but persistent national pride.

Stunningly deep sunsets.

And then there was the yacht club. If it looks like a public toilet, is only big enough to house a kiddies toy yacht, and has no obvious access to nearby water, well, it must be Conway Yacht Club – obviously…?

conway yacht club watermarked

Take care friends

Much love, Mark and Maggie





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  1. When are we going back…xx

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    • What a beautiful sunset! It was the dragon behind the wall we found fascinating; popping it’s head up to breathe smoke over the footpath. Thank you for taking me back to a memorable family holiday.

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