quiet contemplation

There is a place, at Twycross zoo where Mrs mn50images and I find quiet contemplation. A safe space, if you will, where time can stand still, and a meditative mood abides. Bijou it may be, but we love chilling out in Twycross Zoo’s aviary.

For all who wish to view, please find a few of the feathery friends we found this weekend at our avian special space. We have a couple of finch varieties, Brown Zebra and Bengalese, to go with a rather striking pair of young and adult Weaver birds.

a trio of finches watermarkedbengalese finch watermarkedbrown zebra finch head on watermarkedbrown zebra finch watermarkeddown the line watermarkedmale weaver bird watermarkedtime to preen watermarkedyoung male weaver bird watermarked

As I endlessly plead: follow, comment, like, share and snigger at will – as you see fit…



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