dumb apes

dumb apes watermarked

Human beings, an evolving species. Not just dumb apes. Our world is changing, at a rate of knots simply unimagined to our forebears.

Post truth, they say, post Moore’s law, it seems, post knowing what to believe anymore, the future appears more and more improbable every time we dare to contemplate it. Elon talks of retirement to Mars, whilst Peter investigates how best to live forever, or at least, to a ripe old age of 200 plus.

Then again, that is our elite masters for you – all trans human this and robolossajob that. For the rest of us, perhaps all we can hope for is a cheap as chips machine doctor app when we are poorly, and a free high definition sneak preview of girlie TV on our birthday.

Talking of TV, the other evening, I noted a techie celeb on a teatime quiz show. The not so well known television chap told of viewing military technology that was at least ten years ahead of public use. That worries me, I guess. In this crazily mad fast world, would it not make sense to save our planet by utilizing said space age technology, NOW, rather than building more and more weapons of crass destruction, underground, overground public gaze free?

I am just a simple soul. I don’t want to wait another decade to benefit from future tech that appears to be right here, right now. Hmm, oh well, Paul Hollywood has just appeared on my television set, and I am all a-quiver. So much so, I think I have already forgotten about that super duper tech, hidden away stuff.

That’s me done for tonight. This somewhat dumb ape is satiated by a brief eyeful of Hollywood, and a promise of technological delights to come – some time – post, today…

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  1. What’s your favorite – breads or pastries? 😉

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    • A big fat sausage roll from Greggs. Mainly because I like sausage rolls, but also because my dad worked in a Greggs bakery at the end of his working life. Someone I met at the weekend, who knew my dad, told me how much I remind her of him. Then she said he was such a lovely bloke – how awesome did that make me feel…


  2. And of course I like bakers of all types who tidy up all those crumbs.


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