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I have a friend called Mike. My friend has a clever way of expressing profound thoughts, somewhat simply. The other day, Mike posted something on the Farcebook that made me think. Keep it simple, keep it positive, is basically what my good mate proffered, as a life technology when using social media.

The weekend just gone, my awesome son, my awesome daughter and my awesome wife made my life just about perfect, simply by dint of spending quality time with me.

Before dining together as a family, my wife, daughter and I visited Twycross zoo. The animals were great, however, I was a little disappointed that my girl would not have a go on the little electric jeeps. Then again, as she told me, she is twenty seven going on twenty eight years old, with her own big car, responsible job, partner and household to manage. They grow up so fast…

Back to Mike though, and his positivism message. Reflecting my intent to celebrate that very simple but profound idea about staying in the moment, in the positive moment, in the simply joyfully profound moment, I thought I would share a few pictures of the cool creatures we encountered at Twycross Zoo.

I very much hope everyone enjoys the pictures, as much as I enjoyed taking them – smiles all round. Thanks go to Mike Cowley for reminding little old me of the most important thing in life.

Much love


bearcopying mumfamily timefbtfingers and thumbsgibbon fingersgibbongoatgorilla pensivegorillaguinea pig alt

mum and sonottershufai and his mumshufai at playyou lookin at me




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  1. You had me at Farcebook. 🙂

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