doing what we do

All around the world good folk and bad folk are doing what they do.

Yellow vests are warming their hands on street fires in not so gay Paris. Patriots are focusing on the not so secret elite war currently being fought out in the USA. And here in blighty, remainers and leavers alike are piling pressure on clueless leaders like never before.

Others are taking a slightly less confrontational approach to doing what they do. Many work folk are grafting their way to Christmas, delivering ever increasing loads of parcels ready for gift giving on the big day.

In villages, towns and cities, all  around the world, charities are making arrangements for those less fortunate, making sure there is at least a little respite for folk who need help most.

Many of us are completing the last few days of work before a hard earned Christmas break. And with that frenzied last minute rush, come moments of reflection on a year nearly lost to history.

So, in the spirit of reflection, here I thought I would drop a few images from the archive. The art pieces posted are a few of my favourite images, and art designs that have come up for one reason or another over the tumultuous last twelve months.

All the images presented, and many more, are available over at in a variety of mediums.

Please don’t forget to like, comment, follow, share, or otherwise do what you do, as you see fit…

Kindest wishes


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