my tribe: things, people and places

The year is nearly out, and thus, may I wish all my tribe an extremely enjoyable Christmas. To those nearest and dearest, to those who have impacted my life without me finding out who they really were, and to those so tangential to my existence that I never noticed you were there, hippy happy Christmas, one and all.



The eclectic selection of images stumbled upon, and added to this blog post, are from times past, and times present.






your author meets Pegasus
Banjo in his prime

There are things here. Some slightly surreal. Some that just tickled my curious bone. And some from back in the day, before any of my tribe knew how to queue.


car park
carrot craft
Clayton, Manchester


My tribe is diverse. From left to right and most places inbetween, the common core that binds us is a desire for peace, love and understanding.


tribe members
more tribe members
rebellious youthful tribe member

Resilience, respect and stubborn-mindedness are in play at times.

As is humour, flexibility and common sense.

half past hair loss

Some of my tribe go the extra mile.


Some are creative.


Whereas some constantly look for answers in a seemingly bonkers world.

upside down world

Some protest creatively.

red till dead

Whilst some fight their cause till the end of their days.


Creatures play a big part in my tribe’s happiness.


As does nature.

fun friends

Friendship is key, and fun is essential.


Family is at our core – especially during those periods when everything feels like it is falling apart at the seams.

Manchester/Midlands tribe members
the snake and I
me and the hat
all the letters…

Some of my tribe members are greedy, wanting ownership of every letter in the alphabet.


Our world can be confusing these days – fake this and fake that. But the breadth of view in my tribe means I can hold on to at least some semblance of focus, watching, waiting and hoping for a better tomorrow with evidence based facts coming my way via new, non mainstream communication channels.

rock and roll…
rock and roll
Megs in profile

At the very epicenter of my tribe, my tribe leader is so awesome it hardly seems real sometimes.

Mes meeting Pegasus

At times, the plan comes together beautifully, nature, human touch, creatures. A better tomorrow for all is the aim of all my tribe, whatever their interests, political persuasions or learned truths.

New Forest whisperer

Communication channels matter.

Mike Jo

Networks are central.

Spiritual. Spirited.

rock chic
We the people, children of Elvis…

Our future might turn out to be a mega one. One where life, liberty and freedom are not just words banded about, willy-nilly, as useless as unicorn tears in a rock solid world. But that journey is still in train,

big hugs

for now, all we can hope for is the best, whilst holding on to each other. Tribe members all, diverse as we are, confused as our ideas may be. Hold on. Hold dear. Hold firm.

lost and found (?)

Over the years, different tribe members have dabbled with various mediums. Our extended, awesome tribe have made a go of fiction writing,

as yet, unfinished…

street art,

honorary unknown tribe member

and humourist activism:

honorary unknown activist tribe members

But whatever we have done, we have done it with some sort of style,


with passion,

honorary cool unknown tribe member

with honesty,

the eyes have it – my tribe/inclusive – un-judged

and with a sense of fun our tribe never hopes to lose.

plant potty

So, that will do for this one, please share, like, comment, laugh, follow, or otherwise do as you see fit,

Much love and kindest wishes for 2019

Mark and Maggie

what if cats were really our masters?

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  1. Love and peace to my co-leader xx


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