gricers united

What have I learned in the year of our lard 2018? Well, let me tell you. I learned of those who fascinate on forms of transport. Gricers, traditionally, are folk more commonly known in the vernacular as train spotters.

However, digging further down into the depths of anorak clad obsession, I am reliably informed, by one who knows to her cost, that gricers come in more than the most recognisable form.

Ah, yes, some gricers, are keen on buses as well. No doubt, there are gricer community peoples who are into other modes of transport, equally. I marvel at the passion we human beans have for any number of niche interests. One man’s classic bus, is another chap’s dick in heels photo of choice (another specialist interest I know know of…). One woman’s garden design triumph, is another gender curious individual’s favourite rainbow community go to web blog site of interest.

The curious, serious, all-in nature of our minds makes the world go round me thinks – long may that state continue!

So, as the arse end of 2018 disappears into an abysmal miasma of history, may Maggie and I wish all our tribe mates, and others for that matter, not aligned to our particular creed, all the very best for 2019.

Kindest wishes

mn50images: Maggie, Mark and Boo the dog

Manchester bus
classic kit
fares please
science fiction machinery

Sorry, not a ‘dick in heels’ photo to be found at time of going to press…

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