folks and things

The year, 2018, the place, my universe, through my eyes.

The pictures selected for this showcase were captured at various times, in locations, and at events that meant something personal to Maggie and I. Some of the images just caught my street photographer’s eye. Other subjects or subject matter simply piqued my interest. Single frame snapshots tickle my artistic curio bone.

I have added words. Your own words will form in your own imagination if you peruse the pics. A picture, thousand words…

moments before the rapture

love soul partner surrender prayer togetherness content chilly blissed

pink flamingo

bird pink eye eye feather touch alien softness alert at rest pretty ugly

graduation day

pride education offspring institution india university ceremony debt

at rest

shoe less blanket ground park life street life bare faced sleep

dandy lion

flower glow blossom inflorescence bloom wind blushed air born


hobby worn out horse dress costume event over kill at the races

love is

us blessed blissed held tight princess happy together for ever

martin flies a hawk

joy flight freedom hawkish moment special life affirmed nature at one

masque of anarchy

risen lions brit impatience waiting revolution play masked poetic

phone model

savage modern queen pageant technological hairdo catwalk sash style

plastic wrapped

striking unnatural effect stem dandelion polymeric plastic

ragged edged

butterfly flutterbye tattered battered denouement place to rest

in office

mayor mayoress attending nuneaton hairdo hairless kind permission

penguin wedding

zoo flightless ceremonial feeding fishy quirky mucky dressed and wedded

red from rear

bob colour still thoughtful rebel rebel torn dress

And that is it for now folks. If something in this blog tickled your very own curio bone, please like, comment, share, follow, or otherwise be in love with being in love, every possible moment of every possible day.

Huge hugs

Mark and Maggie

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