thank zoo

One of our most favourite places in the world is Twycross Zoo. We love nothing more than pottering about, enjoying the chilled out atmosphere, learning about the animals, and admiring the conservation work in play.

Thank you Twycross Zoo, particularly all the staff, for all the good work you do and the pleasure you give us 😎

Now, a plea from me to the handful of hardy followers of this blog. I am particularly pleased with the picture haul that follows. This collection of images came from a single day last weekend. One of those days that stays in the memory, when my soul mate and I did some world class pottering. Please share this blog if you are able, so as many folk as possible can see my pics; I would be most grateful, and proud if a few more people see my images, and my little space on the web grows, organically, just a little.

Otherwise, comment, like, follow or do as you will. Much love, Mark and Maggie.

a fishy tail
apple blossom
at play
sleepy goat time
black and white rhino
it’s my what?
dik dik ear clip
dik dik hair do
dik dik
young dik dik
pretty lashes
dik dik orange
duckling conga
duckling solo
ducks in a row
eastern black rhinoceros
the patience of angels
fish supper
food for thought
ginger nut
hey dude
in camera
left turn ahead
love is
making a meal of it
mother love
mum and chick
nothing to crow about
one cool goat
orang utan
penguin chick
rhino ear
roo feet
roo tail
simply cloven
you lookin’ at me?
soft focus
three little ducks
victoria crowned pigeon
when otters eat
wide eyed and rhino

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