mental health awareness week

This is me. Since childhood, I have experienced times of reduced mental health. Back in the day, none of us understood much, if anything, about mental health. Now of course, we have named it.

Ben Rich, the second director of Lockheed’s Skunk Works, is often quoted as repeating the line, ‘All points in space and time are connected.’ He is also, often, quoted as joking about his, same ‘deep black tech’ types having the ability to take ET home. I believe he was right about connectivity – the other stuff, however, falls into the category of ‘other stories, for other days.’

If Ben and I are right, connectivity wise, then my health, mental or physical, is everyone else’s concern. And of course, vice versa. This week, I think it is worth a shout out to all folks afflicted with bouts of crippling poor mental health. And no little understanding from those blessed with almost perfect health, wealth and happiness. If I am bonkers, at times, everyone out there, living or lived, is a point of connection with my madness. All of you, one way or another, are a bit of me. And like it or not, I am a part of you.

Irish cock-rock musician Phil Lynott is quoted as asking women in his audience, if they had any Irish in them. Quickly going on to ask, ‘Would any women out there like a bit of Irish in them?’

Perhaps Phil agreed with Ben and I on the connectivity point? Perhaps Phil took things a bit too literally? Or, even, a bit too far?

So, folks, for the perfect days when all is okey dokey and well with the world, I thank my soul partner Megs for being at my side. And for all the days of darkness when all feels lost, I thank my soul partner Megs for keeping me alive.

This is us:

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