“Stillness, what is it good for? Stillness, huh, absolutely nothin! Say it again…”

Sorry, got stuck in a bit of an Edwin Starr groove there, misquoting his mahusive soul classic hit, War.

Stillness, what is it good for? Absolutely everything, it seems. Good for our own soul, and good for personal spiritual growth.


There are people I know, a few, maybe one or two, who have seemingly nailed this stillness thing. Nailed it to a tee. Working the magic. Shifting to dimensions as yet unknown to beginners like me. At will. At ease. At a flick of their awesome imagination. These practiced folk find the sacred, day in day out. That doorway. That seemingly hidden path. That escape to realms unseen. Through years of devotion to practice. By owning the ever so judgemental societal ‘spooky weird’ label. By accepting the truth of ages: that we are surely not human beings experiencing a spiritual connection. Rather, we are spiritual beings, enjoying a (brief) human connection.

the sacred

These awesome teachers understand, albeit being potentially masterful, we are all, truly ‘builds in progress.’

build in progress

There have been moments in my life. A second here. A second there. When time and space felt ever so momentarily suspended. On a couple of occasions, a foolish chemical romance dalliance has moved me to the briefest of alternative states. Real, but unreal, me thinks now. I have been ‘in the gap,’ as it were, executing a perfect martial arts technique. In music. In literature. In life. Certainly, in dreams. I have felt in full bloom, for moments out of time.

in full bloom

It’s possible, maybe probable, that any earlier, sporadic moments of spiritual bliss have been extruded in nature. That is, chemically enhanced, forced and fleeting, accidental. Or the function of muscle memory. Practice. Physical repetition leading to surprising, unintended momentary spiritual consequence.

nature extruded

So what am I looking for? A bit of peace and tranquility. A methodology that brings about that ‘in the gap’ moment at will. Maybe, even, a genuine, experiential spiritual life moving forward.

peace rose

Building on the past, I surmise, is an important component of any evolutionary, progressive project. Life, the universe and everything – if 42 is not the answer, perhaps a few lessons learned, forgotten, then relearned might help point the way? One notion I have taken on board in my life thus far, is the value of working with great mentors. Right now, a lady called Dawn is patiently guiding me down the path to something approaching ‘in tune central,’ from my current state of ‘sensitive as a blue brick.’

For more of Dawn, please follow the link:

building on the past

I am not in any rush to perfect a fresh, improved, attuned countenance. Patience is a key, me thinks. Putting my best foot forward, I try to meditate more often. That seems to facilitate more lucid dreaming. And that, is no bad thing. Mulder was almost certainly right, ‘the truth is out there.’ Finding it, however, is a bugger…

best foot forward

A few days ago, during a routine few minutes of meditation practice, I became ‘an experiencer,’ for real. Like nothing else I have ever delighted in, I had a truly spiritual ‘happening.’ Similar, but so much more intense (and briefer), than an experience I had some years ago in a Leicester city centre temple, a nano second of bliss simply stopped me in my tracks. An unfolding, if you will. A development of sensitivity. The first genuine step, perhaps, in a fledgling truth seeking journey.


I have never been afforded access, or had the inclination to trip out on psychedelic narcotics. I imagine, however, such a feeling as I experienced a few days ago, is akin to the sense of mind expansion a user of psychedelics might attain. So much more than mind, more accurately, out of my mind, I believe I felt the infinity of our true self, in one ultra brief, dazzling, clarifying mind-fuck of a moment.

To my vastly underdeveloped sensibilities, this was very much ‘realer than real.’ Vivid to the max. Startling, pristine, phenomenal! Then, before it could develop – sleep twitch – and back in meditation. Still deep, but divorced again from a shining, integral truth.

So, there it is, maybe you don’t need that ‘spooky-weird’ gene folk reportedly say American intelligence operatives crave and study, after all. And maybe, no, for sure, you don’t need Malcolm Gladwell’s much vaunted 10 000 hours of subject immersion before starting the journey to a fuller spiritual life. I am not going to duck the issue at hand. From now on forward, my brief seems certain: keep on searching for a bit more of that expansion vibe.


Stalking my prey. That’s what I am gonna do. That truth beast will not evade my sight, laugh out loud. It’s ironic really. In my imagination, this is how it is supposed to go down. We re-evaluate our self identity. Then we feel the expansion. And in the process, we experience an awakening. It being deep, deep in meditation I experienced the teeny tiny first flowering of wakefulness. Well, you see the irony…

stalking the truth beast

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Much love


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