where we go…

Inspired by a murdered fella with an inscription, on a bell, on a boat, I would like to suggest the phrase, ‘where we go one, we go all,’ is about as literal a truth as one can find.

Some pay taxes and some don’t, but death is just about a certainty for us all. Where we will all go, one and all – eventually, you understand.

So, while we are still here, for those who like the seventeenth letter of the alphabet, and those who like the mainstream view. For those who shun their inquisitive vibe, and those that seek truth with merciless abandon. For the high minded and the high expectation warriors. The winners, the losers. The weak, the strong. For the forgotten. Black, white, not saying, not sure, both at once. For nurses, ranchers, preachers and poachers. For bakers and basketball pros. For street cleaners and street artists. For ALL Americans, of all persuasions, here, there and everywhere, may this fat, baldy northern British lad wish you ALL a hippy happy fourth of July.

And now, some random picture creations from yours truly:

As you will. As you do. Fellow humans.

Much love


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