the dolan watts affect

Richard Dolan, in his web space broadcast titled Meaning in Life and Death, expands on the theme of a ‘good life.’ Richard notes the need for love, that is, both giving and receiving love in an age of ultimate distraction, disinformation, and misinformation .

Furthermore, Richard Dolan speaks of ‘meaningful work.’ Not, necessarily work to earn money. Rather, finding our bliss. What ‘juices’ an individual, if you will, what makes us, each and everyone of us, special.

Thinking about his own mortality on a regular basis has spurred Dolan on to entreat us to work on a ‘life well lived.’ I agree with Richard: love is surely the key. Love of meaningful relationships, love of the thing we most crave to indulge in, and of course, the practiced ability to receive love from others, be they feline, human, or anything else of a sentient nature – if they ‘rock our worlds.’

I think we all have a longing to belong to one tribe or another – a group or team that shares our values. This ‘mission to belong,’ I believe, drives our life choices, sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worst. When, or if we do find that ‘thing’ in life that gives us meaning, it is probably inevitable we search out others of a seemingly similar persuasion.

Our corporate, global master platforms, the Farcebooks of this world, the entities that surely now can be claimed to be more public utility than private business, are conveniently located for such connection searches.

And that is where the next influencer I shall mention fits into this blog. Possibly something of a novelty, if not a first, I recently commented on a Farcebook post, a post that quickly descended into civility.

A friend posted on her social media platform of choice. Scott replied. I took it upon myself to comment in what I now understand was a vexatious manner. Scott replied with a comment I took personally. I made some personally insulting comment in return. The strange thing was, when I looked up Scott’s bio, I started to see my reactionary comments were just that – reactionary. I replied again, explaining in better formed sentences what my position was, and appologised for my insults.

At his point, we started to have a more civil discussion. A real conversation. I found we had, if not more in common with each other than differences, a solid basis for potential friendship. As our next couple of comments passed by, I found I liked Scott, and understood his point of view more. In return, Scott explained his view in more detail – detail that perhaps chimed with my own view in a way that seemed impossible in our early exchanges.

Ultimately, from a negative beginning, I am happy to admit that I learned another life lesson or two. We connected, in a good way.

Richard Dolan is a successful, influential web broadcaster, speaking on subjects of interest to me. And now it looks like Scott is a person of some interesting life experience who has hastened some life learning for myself, from a position of unflattering promise.

Finding one’s bliss. Connecting our societal tissue. Keeping the learning muscle alive and thriving. Those areas are ‘where the action is,’ in my humble opinion. Me thinks, these are the areas we might focus on right here, right now, before our current lives on this planet expire. I might be wrong of course. But then again, maybe I am onto something for once?

And now, today’s excuse for showing some of my creations has arrived. My bliss? Pottering around with my soul partner. Often, at our awesome local zoo, who we thank for letting us snap their creatures at will; and in our very own little wilderness, just chillin.’ Just enjoying our bliss…

So, there we have it. As per usual, please FOLLOW, like, comment, share and otherwise find your very own bliss, as you like, as you do, as you will.

blue morpho
colour preen
extruded flamingo
in your face flamingo
food fight
here’s lookin’ at you kid
one cool goat
eat you up for dinner
just dozin’
little egret
nest building
nest weaving
peek a boo
prairie dog peek a boo
pretty flamingo cliche
red legged seriema
rootling around
rude roo boy
the contortionist
flutterbye affect
the huntress
the opportunist
winging it
lookin’ at me?
x bugs

Much love



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  1. Mark,
    I am flattered and reassured by this essay.
    We do indeed seem to be kindred deep thinking souls.
    I am a poet and a writer. I will email you with a modest amount of my efforts to get started. Your “critique” is appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely, Scott, I would be very interested in your words. Just a warning to the wise, though – I know some awesome poets but my own efforts at recognisable poetry were akin to the Vogon poetry from a rather famous cosmic hitchhiking related work of fiction LoL.


  2. Fabulous photography and I enjoy your notes below each pic. Thank you for following BrewNSpew.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Eugenia. You have made a happy man very old. No, sorry, the former quip is from another Manchester lad (Morrissey of The Smiths – a popular beat combo of the past. A ‘Manc’ rather more famed than me). I meant to say, of course, you have made an old man very happy. Loving your BrewNSpew work, smiles and hugs, Mark.


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