emergency emergency

So, Boris has emerged as PM. And he appoints Dominic Cummings as his Chief Advisor. Cummings is the fella portrayed by single expression actor Benedict Cumberbonk, in the 2019 drama, Brexit: The Uncivil War. That fella. The super nerdy, super moody, super cocksure Vote Leave fella.

No doubt, Master Clumpings will soon enough be balls deep in anguished contemplation. Worrying on the complexities of working the Brexit miracle. Of course, we could have a vote. Test the proposal on a grand national scale. ‘But we tried that,’ Diminic might explain, in a patronising tone to his paymasters, ‘and the answer that came back upset more than a few or your colleagues.’

For a while, there it will be, our man, Cummings must spend tedious hours, again, vexating on the key to a successful delivery of Brexit, without his boss losing his job. After that, well, there is the small matter of keeping his main man at the helm, in Government, in power, and in the good books of us ‘complicated’ subjects.

Far be it for me to proffer any suggestions to the great and power drunk. But maybe, just maybe I could save Dom and Boris a bit of tiresome time? For most folk, most normal working folk, I suggest things are terribly simple. Yes, they want a victory. Even if it is a Pyrrhic one. Yes, they want to take back control. Even if that concept is so nebulous as to be pointless in fact. And yes, they want to feel their leaders have a care about their condition.

But the word that symbolizes most folk’s deepest desire, Cummilingous might eventually arrive at, after seemingly endless pontification, is security.

ejection seat

Security: a roof over one’s head, that does not cost a Johnson fortune, that offers some safe tenure, and is fit for habitation.

Security: in employment, that has protections against the worst the market can unfairly demand, that can drive a person to new heights of creativity, and deliver a real living wage.

Security: in finances, so ‘breadline living,’ is kept at bay for all but the most feckless members of our social family.

Security: in health, with availability to basic services at a minimum, and not as a luxury.

security: of a physical nature, arresting the trend, where police services are becoming uncommonly accessible to all.

Security: in so many other areas, be they national, in representation, or in social safety net terms.

That is what many of us want, I think. What we hanker for. Risk averse, perhaps. Boring, even. But that is the heart and soul of it, me thinks. So come on Dominat Cummtings, save your self some heartache, and tell that funny fella Boris what many of us crave – security.

touching distance…

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