now it has a name

The modern religion of science. Awesome in it’s value. Incalculably prescient, in many ways. Past, present and future, built on knowledge. Received wisdom, one might accept, in totality, the whole story – kit and caboodle.

Scientific inquiry serves us well. For the betterment of women and men, the last couple of hundred years has enlightened all. However, in this process, ‘old knowledge,’ spiritual lore, and non materialistic study, in addition to many other areas of exploration seems to have suffered to the point of ridicule.

the unseen hand?

To those of minimalist curiosity, the vista might appear stark. We’ve arrived at a destination. A place mostly explained by way of molecules, substantive structures, and clarity of reason. A world of ‘the absolute physical.’ A world where suspicion, the ‘spooky,’ and the ‘difficult’ counts as nothing in the face of scientific materialism.

Journalist, author and Pulitzer Prize finalist, Annie Jacobsen has spent a fair few years looking into many aspects of military, corporate and governmental machines. High access and an acute intellect appears to have served Annie well.

From the first few paragraphs of this blog, I guess I have forfeited any chance of my reader ‘suspending their disbelief.’ You know, or at least I suspect you know by now that Annie Jacobsen writes engagingly on the subject of the ‘spooky,’ as practiced, researched and otherwise weaponized by American agency powerhouses such as the CIA, DIA, FBI, DEA, take a breath… Navy, Army, and NSA. As an old specification bible once told me, this list is not exhaustive. Joint Chiefs of Staff and above, virtually, if not all agencies of government, Annie reports, have spent decade upon decade researching all the important things that we, the people have been told are bonkers, stupid and dangerous to believe.

dark to light

And it’s not just authors and their scribblings we glean information from in the hinterland of ‘spooky at a distance.’ Things are not ‘all they may seem.’ according to the likes of Dr Garry Nolan, Dr Hal Puthoff, and Dr Kit Green, to name but three. Such brilliant individuals are these days somewhat out in the open. Many women and men, top scientist types, and their like serve for, or in, or, otherwise influence at the heart of the most powerful nation on earth. Scientific glitterati, all, in collaboration with many other professionals of their ilk, enjoy the highest of security clearances, and the best of best connections. Brains the size of planets, these folk openly speak of the ‘virtually impossible’ in certain forums, on an almost casual basis.

‘Ridiculous,’ one might say. ‘Prove it,’ others may add. ‘You must be taking their words out of context,’ critics may cry. But their words, lectures and communications are there on the internetty thing for all to see, with just a tad of search activity effort.

my soulmate and I experiencing spec tacular events

The intelligence, military arm of the US state, according to Annie Jacobsen, gives my less favorable ‘spooky’ label, a label all of their own. ‘Anomalous Mental Cognition (AMC).’ Jacobsen tells us that all beyond the known five senses, subjects studied in minute detail by the previously mentioned bodies, have now been named as Anomalous Mental Cognition. So, by way of example, remote viewing is not a product of psychic ability, it is, presumably, a function of AMC.

Furthermore, when the late, much quoted head of Lockheed Skunkworks joked/noted/expounded on Extra Sensory Perception, he was, in fact, not talking through his rear end, rather, he was talking ‘straight’ about an area of research that would one day morph into a catch all basket of phenonema based research to be known as AMC.

In short, they gave it a name. And thus, some semblance of respectability has been, I guess, gained/regained by those who perpetuate ‘old knowledge’ tropes.

sunset on an industrial age

High production pieces now appearing across entertainment media platforms arrive courtesy of ex top security officer personnel. There is no rhyme or reason for this sharing, in my super humble opinion, one can sensibly conjecture other than to call it what it surely looks like. What this dissemination of stories of unidentified objects, UFOs by the score, actually looks like, is a managed operation of drip feed disclosure. These shares of material facts, emanating from these previously shadowy staff, may just be a version of the truth, or at lease, some part thereof? The reports. These, may we say, official accounts of craft capable of swerving the laws of known physics at will, have been common knowledge to researchers for many decades. Freedom of information processes, archival search of unclassified/declassified material, and simple ball aching wading through tedious documentary evidence has consumed many a sadly traduced individual. No more, one might hope. Let us just get on and find out some important stuff?

With TV exposure comes, for at least one area of research, slightly more acceptance, perhaps. No longer ‘UFO,’ rather, ‘UAP.’ Whatever the phenomena is labeled, there are hundreds if not thousands of ‘experiencers’ who will might feel able to speak of their co-official connections, now the beast has a name.

On a different ‘phenomena’ front, I have felt, in recent times, the first, teeny tiny flowering of something ‘other worldly’ myself. I cannot truly explain my meditation experiences in words. But there it is – my story is not one of a physical nature. To explain something outside of ‘the paradigm,’ might well require some mechanism from, dare I say it, a point in time and space, itself, outside of the paradigm?

I don’t know… It is at this moment I might well admit to talking ‘complete and utter bollocks,’ for fear of what others might think of me. But wait, the great, the clever and the ‘validated’ have given such ramblings a name. Scientific Materialists might now tell me I am simply reporting an episode of Anomalous Mental Cognition? So, maybe I might escape with a caution on this occasion? ‘Mark, give it a rest fella, and we won’t speak of this again…’

facility dystopia

I don’t have any answers. I don’t. I am at a point in my life when a few would be nice to find. I mean really, other than the simplest (maybe the most profound) learning about ‘love being the key,’ I have nowt.

What is encouraging, is the seemingly narrowing gap between ‘the other,’ and materialist science. It may be that magic is simply science we are yet to understand? And that would be fine by little ol’ me.

Two sentences I remember with fondness from a chap named Joe Strummer (The Clash), a punk bank crooner of the 1970s, are copied below:

‘He who fucks nuns will later join the church…’


‘The future is as yet unwritten…’

Joe’s commentary on past revolutionaries, who would inevitably, given longevity, become the mainstream they so hated, reminds me that phenomena based heretics might one day be hailed as forerunners of scientific truth.

And his seemingly ‘bleedin’ obvious’ quote about the future, nowadays seems to make some kind of sense when one works, often hopelessly, through any ‘quantum physics for dummy beginners’ article.

If ‘the observer’ really does affect an outcome, maybe Joe was on to something, without his punk addled brain even knowing it? ‘Creating our own realities,’ – a phenomenon based technology – might already be developed in some super secret underground base, in an area of desert as yet undiscovered by conspiracy wonks of the world?

So, to summarize:

I know nowt, really. Although, deep down, I have some suspicions that ‘the unseen other,’ is as important as ‘the already understood.’

I want to believe (as Mulder once opined).

And, if science is making strides to understand ‘the other,’ would somebody please hurry up and let a cat or two out of the bag (assuming said kitty cats are not both dead and alive at the same time, of course – that really would confuse as ‘some other weird stuff to blow the mind…’)

my art

Absolutely, finally, for tonight, please LIKE, Share, COMMENT, tell your friends of this hilariously, incomprehensible mishmash of a blog space, FOLLOW, or otherwise do as you will, in the physical world or somewhere else,

Much Love

Mark (Spooky) mn50images

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