thank you for your concern

One or two folk have been kind enough to show concern for my welfare. I am blessed with friends and family around me who genuinely care for me. So, before I go on, charting a new creative path, let me pause to relect on my wellbeing.

Thank you, sincerely, for asking after me, but trust me when I say I am currently OK.

I am not crazy in the coconut. Or bonkers in the brain. Manifestly not suffering from kangaroos loose in the paddock. Not stangely afflicted with spiritual bad health. I am not, suffering, broken, barking mad or driven to distraction.

I am, however, finding joy in the company of kindred creative folk with independant, inquisitive natures.

Honestly, much love to those who have asked after me, and worry not at my blog postings, however unconventional they may appear.

Much love


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